Terry-QuigleyTerry has been practicing yoga for over 13 years, and if you asked his daughters, they would tell you he believes yoga and grapefruit are the cures for anything and everything.

Terry’s appreciation for the many benefits of yoga has led him to enter the 200 hour teacher training program at Prairie Yoga in Lisle. One of Terry’s inspirations for becoming a yoga teacher came from a small greeting on the bulletin board at a yoga studio saying: “To Teach Is To Learn Twice”

Practicing mainly in the Iyengar style with so many exceptional teachers has taught the importance of alignment and mindfulness in yoga practice. Getting to know your own body and self and making the difficult become easy are among the fruits of yoga, and it can be enjoyable, even fun.

All yoga class fee proceeds in the month of February (AND MARCH !! ) were donated to the “Breast Cancer Research Foundation” Together, we raised $600.00